Domestic violence is the use of force or threat to exert power and control over another family member.  Domestic violence is against the law.  NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO HURT YOU.  Yet many people believe that only physical violence is abuse.  In reality, any repeated hurtful words or actions can be domestic violence.

Physical Abuse -
any act or threat of action intended to result in physical harm

Verbal/Emotional Abuse - hurtful, threatening, degrading or intimidating words that make you fearful and lower your sense of worth

Economic Abuse - extreme control of family finances, preventing any financial independence of your own

Sexual Abuse - any unwanted sexual activity forced upon you

To find out more please download one of our brochures in your local language listed below.

AADA provides free confidential support to women victims and their children that reside in the greater Houston area. AADA's trained volunteers are fluent in native languages and familiar with your culture.  We will help you rebuild your courage to go move beyond the abuse. 

Our brochures are printed in your language.  Click on the appropriate language to download your brochure.  We provide confidential emotional support in Arabic, Bengali, EnglishGujarati, Hindi, Korean, Malayalam, Mandarin, Cantonese, Chinese, Filipino, Punjabi, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, and Urdu
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