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We're continually working hard to reach out to our communities to promote awareness. Please check our events to see what we've been doing recently.

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Who We Are

Founded in 2001, AADA’s mission is to prevent violence against women. We work to strengthen and promote equal and healthy family relations within the Asian American Community. We do this through public awareness, support systems, community empowerment and collaborations with organizations sharing similar goals.

Six percent of Houston’s two million populations are made up of Asian Americans and many of them are new immigrants to the country. Domestic violence is a hidden reality in these communities despite the main stream’s perception of these communities as the “Model Minority”; highly educated and hard working people. AADA bridges the gap in providing services to this community by addressing issues that would otherwise be kept behind closed doors..

What We Do
The goal of AADA is to empower women who trace their heritage to Greater Asia. To this purpose, AADA believes violence is a barrier and an important factor in the disempowerment of women. AADA considers violence against women to be more extensive than just domestic violence and sexual assault. Thus, AADA believes that attitudes, conditions, and behaviors that perpetuate women’s subordination in society constitute violence against them and works to eliminate violence in the lives of Asian women and their children who reside in Greater Houston area.

AADA’s targeted population are women from greater Asia not just the people of a certain region, who reside in Houston, Texas. (e.g. India, Iraq, Pakistan, China, Vietnam, Lebanon, etc.) Our Advocates speak up to twelve different languages. We aim to provide our victims with holistic services that will help and guide them to rebuild their lives independently, by permanently finding a safe solution for them through our resources, advocacy, safety planning and outreach.


We cannot succeed without your help.  Please join us in this worthy cause.  Help us offer hope to Asian American Women in crisis. We need you and so do communities in need.

Mission & Vision

We have a simple, but robust mission: to provide resources for domestic abused women from greater Asia who reside in Houston and neighboring counties.
 We want to make a difference.