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Our Services

Culturally Sensitive Counseling 
Legal Referral
Referral & Resources
Court Accompaniment
Rental Assistance
Outreach & Awareness

Steps to Safety

If you’re not yet ready to leave:

Call 911 if you feel unsafe.
Memorize the number of a women’s shelter.
Keep an extra set of car and house keys.
Start your own savings account.
Take pictures and gather evidence and legal documents
Keep a packed bag in a safe place.
Collect important documents & evidence.
Explore your legal options: divorce, custody, protective orders, immigration status.

How we can help

If you have experienced physical or emotional violence in your family, AADA is here to help you. AADA provides free confidential support to women victims and their children that reside in the greater Houston area. We receive calls on our helpline and AADA’s trained Advocates & Staff are fluent in many native languages and familiar with your culture.