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AADA provides resources for domesticly abused women from countries in Greater Asia who reside in Houston and neighboring countries.


To promote equal and healthy family relationships within the Asian community through public awareness, support systems, and community empowerment, and collaborations with organizations sharing similar goals.


Unique Challenges we & our Asian American Victims Face:

  • Violence is seen as a family matter; seeking help outside the family is perceived as disgraceful to the family.
  • Asians who leave their spouse risk being ostracized from their entire community and support system.
  • A refugee from war or conflict abroad will often have no surviving relatives except a spouse, meaning any decision to leave will sever the last remaining tie to the family.
  • Experience in their countries of origin often cause Asians to mistrust uniformed authorities, preventing them from seeking help from police or utilizing the justice system.
  • They have been isolated by their batterers, many Asians are not knowledgeable about the community resources available to them.
  • Limited or non-existent English language skills and illiteracy in their native languages make it difficult for some Asians to build new lives in the United States; many mainstream service agencies present cultural and linguistic barriers to Asian families.