AADA is a Texas non-profit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable, educational, and social welfare purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Will you support AADA and end violence in the Asian American wider-Houston Community? You can support AADA through your time, talents, and financial contributions.


The Advocacy 17 hour program, with the aim to identify the principles and knowledge, and practice the skills and qualities that make advocacy a powerful force in the movement to end violence against women. In formulating the Advocacy Learning Center, AADA wanted the curriculum to reflect the diversity that embodies the US today. AADA is providing that program every quarter on an ongoing basis.

Working with other advocates, you will develop new ways to define and structure advocacy, from engaging and working with survivors to strategizing and acting to change systems and community responses. The Learning Center curriculum presents conceptual frameworks and theoretical foundations that can strengthen the application of advocacy in any setting.

Interested? Let’s talk! We’d love to talk with advocacy program about this opportunity. Call or e-mail 713- info@aadainc.org subject line "advocacy"


Our technique is language and culture specific, that uses a communication style that is non-threatening and familiar, acknowledges the fact that the survivor might be a recent immigrant to the U.S. and therefore unaware of the system and her rights, recognizes the fact that the woman we work with may face forms of culture-specific discrimination through the family and other social structures that are different from the kinds of gender discrimination commonly faced by American survivors.


We cannot succeed without your help.  Please join us in this worthy cause.  Help us offer hope to Asian American Women in crisis.  Contact the AADA office for more details.

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