Outreach & Awareness Programs

AADA’s outreach programs include participation in community events and marketing. AADA participates in cultural fairs conducted by many of the ethnic communities. Volunteers hand out brochures and other materials in the language spoken by the members of the community. AADA also participates in programs held by mainstream organizations. AADA also conducts workshops in domestic violence and cultural sensitivity to mainstream organizations and shelters. In addition, awareness sessions are held for women at religious institutions and Cultural Centers on domestic abuse and the services offered by AADA.

Culture Sensitivity

AADA conducts workshops on domestic violence and cultural sensitivity classes to mainstream organizations and shelters. Cultural sensitivity awareness is crucial for understanding, responsiveness and respect for the beliefs, values, and customs of a group of people, particularly those of a race, culture or ethnicity different from one’s own.

As in all areas of life, our cultural identities are present in domestic violence in which we may be the abused, the abuser, or the colleagues who care to come to our aid. Although the elements of abuse are universal, a person’s cultural background influences how individuals deal with abuse.